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Google+ 团队的 Android UI 测试

Android app 的测试主要分为Unit Test, UI Test, monkey test。本文主要讲UI test,以及介绍Google Plus团队如何解决UI 测试中遇到的各种问题

Super Fast Continuous Testing in Rails

An introduction to set up a good testing environment in Ruby on Rails 4

My understanding of continuous testing is that, there is a testing tool in the background, which while developing and modifying code, it will continuously notify you the broken of correct code. I usually set up the testing environment using `RSpec`, `Spork` and `Guard`. The setup process may easily go wrong. Thus I made a note of the process.

TDD in Rails With RSpec

I found many developers being confused by all the levels of testing in Rails, and some concepts in software testing. Rails community has a very very strong awareness of TDD, and even BDD. Apps are designd using an Outside-in approach, which makes me feel really comfortable and also effective.

Testing strategies with JUnit

In order to do unit testing easier, one should keep a word in mind: Isolation. Try your best to isolate the irrelevant things from your class, and make them easy to config.