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Ruby Gems Installation Troubleshoting

Nokogiri, Imagemagick

Working with Unix Process in Ruby

NOTES of Working with Unix Process in Ruby, by Jesse Storimer

Metaprogramming Ruby Distilled

NOTES on Metaprogramming Ruby

Super Fast Continuous Testing in Rails

An introduction to set up a good testing environment in Ruby on Rails 4

My understanding of continuous testing is that, there is a testing tool in the background, which while developing and modifying code, it will continuously notify you the broken of correct code. I usually set up the testing environment using `RSpec`, `Spork` and `Guard`. The setup process may easily go wrong. Thus I made a note of the process.

TDD in Rails With RSpec

I found many developers being confused by all the levels of testing in Rails, and some concepts in software testing. Rails community has a very very strong awareness of TDD, and even BDD. Apps are designd using an Outside-in approach, which makes me feel really comfortable and also effective.