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Ultimate Workspace Collection

Collection of ultimate and awesome workspaces, for all types of people. I'm a big fan of developer workspace setup. I like checking out other people's workspace layout, then I saved some of them that amazed me. In this artible, I have categorized all the workspaces, and what to share them with you.

Ultimate Workspace - Simple & Clean

Simple style is welcomed by thousands of people. These workspaces below are suitable for people who like clean desk as their workspace. Made for simplicity, and cost saving. You will not feel dull with it. Geeks are also welcome to have a look.

Ultimate Workspace - Professional Geeks

Workspace collection for all the geeks, programmers and designers. These workspaces redefine the meaning of productivity. Lots of macbook, iMac, iPad and iPhones. Multiple monitors, a cup of coffee on the desk, great gadgets (aimchair, keyboard, headphone, speaker...). They may not have good room, but they got the best digital devices.

Ultimate Workspace - Luxury

Workspace collection of luxury rooms.Big house, with great window view. Wood desk in the room. Relax and feel the time slowly pass by. Very costly home. I envy them.

Ultimate Workspace - Home Office

Workspace collection of home office. Great for a couple, to work together. And for a team who rent a whole house. Good for doing pair programming.