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Google+ 团队的 Android UI 测试

Android app 的测试主要分为Unit Test, UI Test, monkey test。本文主要讲UI test,以及介绍Google Plus团队如何解决UI 测试中遇到的各种问题

Android Kernel (3) - Kernel Bootstrapping Part 1 - Zygote

This article explains the starting of Zygote process, and Home UI application in Android. Zygote is the father process of Java VM, and Home is the first application starts in Android

Android Kernel (2) - Kernel Bootstrapping

Android bootstrapping consists of 5 stages. This article is about the first 2 stages: bootloading, and kernel bootstrap. There are a lot of source code of Android inside, discuss about start_kernel(), /init process, parsing init.rc file, Service and Action starting, and event loop starting.

Android Kernel (1) - Basic

Android architecture, Android makefile, module compilation, JNI, JNIEnv. Source code of Android Log