Simple, Not Easy

Working with Unix Process in Ruby

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NOTES of Working with Unix Process in Ruby, by Jesse Storimer


Monthly December 2013


Metaprogramming Ruby Distilled

NOTES on Metaprogramming Ruby

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Intermediate GIT

Intermediate usage of git, on `add`, `rebase`, `reset`, `fetch` and `cherry-pick`


Super Fast Continuous Testing in Rails

An intruduction to set up a good testing environment in Ruby on Rails 4

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My understanding of continuous testing is that, there is a testing tool in the background, which while developing and modifying code, it will continuously notify you the broken of correct code. I usually set up the testing environment using `RSpec`, `Spork` and `Guard`. The setup process may easily go wrong. Thus I made a note of the process.


More on Generics in Java

Effective Java 10 - Serialization

Notes of Effective Java 10, Serialization

Virtual in C++

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