Hand of Sorrow – By Within Temptation

The child without a name 无名小卒
grew up to be the hand 登万乘之尊
To watch you, to shield you, 为守你护你
or kill on demand 甚至毁灭在所不惜
The choice he made 所作所为
he could not comprehend 他仍未清醒意识到
He’s got a grim secret 绝无余地 冥冥注定
they had to command 王,便是他的宿命

He’s torn between his honor 他的一生在苍生膜拜的荣耀
and the true love of his life 在生世真爱之间反复挣扎冲突
He prayed for both but was denied 祈求两全但注定无望

So many dreams are broken 几多梦想支离破碎
and so much we sacrifice 几许牺牲无怨无悔
Was it worth the ones we loved 所热爱的一切,值得与否?
and had to leave behind 然总须弃诸身后
So many years have past 流年似水
toward a noble land of lies 谎言为基筑就荣耀之邦
Will all our sins be justified? 一切原罪,将成明证的真理?

The curse of his powers tormented his life 拥诅咒之力,致痛苦如附骨之蛆
Obeying the crown was a sinister crime 君临天下却是滔天罪恶
His soul was tortured by love and by pain 恩怨爱恨交织把灵魂扭曲
He surely would flee but the oath made him stay 拼命逃离然宿命的诅咒如影随形

Please forgive me for the sorrow 宽恕吧,纵是予你满腹哀伤
For leaving you in fear 弃你而去,遗你于满怀恐惧
For the dreams we had to silence 因这是为梦而必须学会的接受的隐忍
That’s all there’ll ever be 此即任何时候任何事实不变的样子
Still I’ll be the hand that saves you 我必仍是保全你救赎你的大能之手
Though you’ll not see that it is me 勿庸置疑 即使永无人提起

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