50mm iPhone App

In photography, prime lens is a symbol of professional and high quality picture. This app make your iPhone into some of the most popular prime lenses in the world. With different prime lenses, you can get the best result for different situations:

  • 35mm lens: great for street photography
  • 50mm lens: for full body portrait
  • 85mm lens: great for half body portrait
  • 135mm lens: The King of Portrait

Take the photos below as an example:

This is shot with a 24mm lens:

This is shot with a 50mm lens:

This is shot with a 85mm lens:

In these photos, the girl occupies same space. The differences are in 2 aspect:

  • Background range: the longer the focus length, the smaller the background range
  • Blurry: the longer the focus length, the more blurry the background and the foreground

That's the SECRET you create ATPHOSPHERE in your photo !!!

With this app, you become a photographer with a bag of prime lenses. You can easily change your lenses with just one click. The rest, is to shoot great pictures.

Last but not the least, as a great mobile app, we also provides features of:

  • Manual focus, just like a real prime lens. With MF, you can create perfect bokeh !
  • Save photos to your iPhone, or ...
  • Sharing image directly to many apps, e.g. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram etc,.